Another Moment in Time

I sit here this evening thinking about when my brother in law
he was in the hospital strugling for his life.
Well his struggle has given him a couple more years.
Then I remember when I was in I.C.U.
I thought it might be P.C.S. time and
the assignment was going to be a really
long long tour.

My thoughts go to being ready for the next
tour, and how it was always nice when you knew
you were going to a good assignment.
We have a choice of a good or bad tour on this
next one. Jesus Christ can really make the difference.
When the orders are cut, the ticket we hold will
determine wheather the tour will be good or bad.
And "WE" can make the decision this time.

I was just thinking how short life really
is as we know it. Sort of like a pico second
(one million millionth of a second)
compared to our complete life time.

Oh I'm not on a pity party or whining about
any decisions I have made. I'm not depressed
or sad. Just remembering, and knowing My
next tour will be


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